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Baseball Strike 3D Zombie Smasher – Undead Killer

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It’s time to smash zombies with baseball strike. This new and exciting Baseball strike zombie smasher features smashing, hunting and killing of zombies with a baseball bat strike. Strike a homerun and smash multiple zombies with one baseball strike. Baseball strike is the first ever baseball game with infinite baseball striking, realistic baseball game and fast-paced gameplay.

This major baseball league includes the striking of monster homerun and smashing of zombie monsters with the ball. Kill zombies by striking the ball or smash them with the baseball bat. Don’t allow the zombies to come at you and make a kill, don’t miss the ball and try to play the perfect shot to hit homerun.

The world is under attack of zombies and you are the hero with a baseball bat to kill zombies. Baseball Strike zombie smasher has both the features of the baseball strike 3D game and features of zombie smasher in one game. Hunt zombies by simple one tap, select the zombie you want to hunt and smash them with the baseball. The perfect shot will hunt down multiple zombies in one shot.

This is the best single tap infinite Baseball strike 3D Zombie hunting game you will find in play store. Zombie smasher has infinite mode of hunting as many zombies as possible without missing balls. Beat your own records, share and challenge your friends. It has the best and simplest one-touch baseball gameplay made in a realistic baseball stadium and intuitive baseball graphics.

PLAY BASEBALL STRIKE and become champion of baseball league

Game features

• Simple one-touch baseball gameplay
• Infinite zombie smasher
• Fast-paced baseball strike game controls
• Intuitive and realistic baseball environment
• Zombie smasher, Undead killer and Baseball strike in a single game


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