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Time to lace up and show off your basketball moves in this fun and cool hoop shooting game. There’s two ways to play–play around, or free throws. In Play Around mode, you’re shooting hoops to keep score. Your best is at the right, current score is on the left. In Free throw mode, try to see how many points you can make in a row. It takes some time to master getting the ball on the right angle, and in the air. It seems impossible, because the ball is set on awkward default angles. Keep trying, and use the placement to your advantage. The trick is to not put too much force when it’s close to the basket, and not too little when the ball is far away. When you make a shot, you get a point. When you miss, your score resets, and your best is recorded. How many in a row can you get? Show off your basketball moves and prove you’re the best!

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