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Royal Ludo Clash King

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Royal Ludo Clash King is a morden version of very popular classic/epic board game Ludo.

Ludo game is played in India dated long back. Indian child grew up playing and learning this classic game from childhood.

Ludo is very similar to Indian old game Chopat.

Indian Ludo Board Game is called royal game because it was once played by kings and now Ludo can be enjoyed by you and your family and friends by playing it together.

Here we comes with morden look of Indian Ludo Board Game called Royal Ludo Clash King Game with single player to 4 player.

🎲 This Ludo game includes following :

– It has both classic and new modern neo design.
– Indian local rules along with international rules.
– Options to play with one or more Computer or Players or combination.
– Invert neo theme to morden classic theme.

🎲 How to play :

– The game includes players as per your selection.

– Each player have four tokens, player have to take full turn of board to make it to finish line.

– Whoever gets all 4 tokens to the finish line first is the winner.

You’ll be playing this Indian Ludo Board Game for hours and its fun for the whole family and friends. Try to beat your opponents and be a king of board game!

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