What Sports Should I Play in High School?

What Sports Should I Play in High School
What Sports Should I Play in High School

Sports in high school have the most significant impact on the lives of young people and give them a break from classwork and homework, with increased opportunities for scholarships and employment. Numerous studies show that participation in sports is correlated with higher grade point averages (GPAs) in high school and college.

Sports are not always the most fun part of high school; they’re stressful and competitive. But these are qualities that make sports so alluring to students. They teach life lessons such as hard work, dedication, perseverance, teamwork, and how to overcome adversity.

Most of the Students like you ask us What Sports Should I Play in High School? Below you’ll find a list of sports to help get you started.

What Sports Should I Play in High School?

There are a lot of sports to choose from, so it is important to think about what type of student you are and what activities you have time for. 

Four-time Olympic Gold-winner Carl Lewis was once asked, “Carl, if you didn’t play sports in high school, what would your life be like?” His response is four words: “I would die.”

If you are a leader or team player, then sports such as volleyball, cross country running, soccer, or basketball might be best for you. 

Another one that you can go with is Cricket, which is great for someone who has never been in sports. If you want to be more competitive, then football or tennis might be best. 

If you are more of a strategist and want to become more involved in sports than just watching it, then swimming can be a great sport to try.

Even though there’s so much variety between each sport, they all have their own benefits that make playing them worthwhile. 

Sports can provide students with an opportunity to explore self-motivation during a time when everyone else is focused on academics. Before you choose a sport to participate in, it’s important to consider your abilities and personality.

What Sports Should I Play in High School
What Sports Should You Play in High School?

What is the easiest sport to pick up in high school?

Although some individuals might be gifted in certain sports, generally the ones that are easiest to pick up in high school are basketball, baseball, football, and cricket.

  • Basketball:

If someone is tall, it’s easier for them to become a good basketball player, but you can be different heights and still do well at the sport. This is a fantastic sport to choose if you are a leader or team player. 

  • Baseball:

If you have the patience to learn how to catch and throw the ball, then baseball can be fun because it’s one of the most challenging sports to pick up. This sport is great if you want something involving physical activity, but it’s not nearly as popular as basketball or volleyball. 

  • Football:

Football is also one of the easy sports to learn, but it’s very competitive and challenging. The amount of running you get from the sport is unparalleled by other sports in high school. 

  • Cricket:

If you want a sport that’s easy to pick up, but still very competitive, this is the sport for you. It’s one of the most challenging sports to learn and play because it requires so much focus and strategy. 

If you want to find a sport that has all the benefits that make it easy to pick up, try an individual sport such as sailing or skiing. This is because they are so diverse and there are different combinations of all three, so they’re most likely easier to pick up than a sport like a football which requires more coordination between two people.

Benefits of Playing Sports in High School:

Many Kids are going through life without any sense of accomplishment, and high school sports give them an opportunity to participate in something outside of the classroom while providing an outlet for their competitive spirit. Sports build leadership skills and enhance physical strength, endurance, and coordination.

Scores of studies have shown that the more time students spend in school with sports, the higher their GPAs will be throughout high school and college. Many colleges such as Harvard, Columbia University, Yale University, Brown University, and Princeton University require students to participate in some form of team sports for at least two years or more. 

According to studies conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH), high school athletes are less likely to use or abuse alcohol or drugs as compared with their nonathletic peers.

Other than that sports offers a lot of benefits which are discussed below:

  1. Self-awareness

Participating in a sport requires a person to be aware of their surroundings and the players around them in order to win. This helps to develop self-awareness and allows them to be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, which is important for any future goals. 

  1. Teamwork

Many high school sports require teamwork as part of playing on a team, which can lead to better relationships with peers and build leadership skills that you can use in college or beyond. 

  1. Testing Your Limits: 

Sports can help you to test what you are capable of and push yourself past your comfort zone. Not only will this teach you new things about yourself, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment when you meet your goals.

  1. Getting Physical Activity:

If a student chooses a sport that gets them moving around and staying active throughout the day (such as basketball or volleyball), then this is the best choice for them because they are getting physical activity without sacrificing time with friends or their social life.


Depending upon your taste, there are a lot of different sports to choose from, so it is important to think about what type of student you are and what activities you have time for. 

Think about what you’re looking for in a sport, and then look at the potential options to find a sport that will suit your needs.” 

We can conclude that sports have many advantages and it is important for students to join one of the many different sports offered in high schools. Participation in high school sports will help you to build strong relationships with your peers, stay fit, and improve your test scores.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the hardest sport to pick up?

A: The hardest sports to pick up during high school are those that require a high degree of physical and mental coordination, such as gymnastics, badminton, lacrosse, and soccer. Those people who usually excel at these sports often do so because of their coordination. 

Q: How do I know what sport to play?

A: You should consider whether you have a physical advantage, such as being tall enough or large enough to play a certain sport, even if you’re not quite that good at it yet. You should also think about the popularity of different sports in high school.

Q: What sport should I play as a girl?

A: It depends on what you’re looking for, but if it’s a sport where you can get a lot of exercises while getting good grades, and you like being active, there are a lot of sports that girls can choose from like such as cricket, football, etc.

Q: What are the most popular high school sports?

A: The most popular sports in high school are usually football, basketball, soccer, and baseball.

Q: How can I stay active?

A: For a person who is looking to stay active, there are many different types of sports available in high school that require minimal equipment or no equipment at all, they are called “individual sports”. You will then be able to dedicate your time towards an activity you love without sacrificing other aspects of your life.